Mini Balkan road trip – Part 3

After waking up in magical Kotor we went for a walk around the old town. At first sight it looks like the city is ruled by cats ;). Cats are literally everywhere around the old town and there are some spots where you can spot more than 30 of them. But now back to Kotor itself, after amazing breakfast in city bakery (which we paid for both of us only 2 euros in total!) we went to search for a walk around the city walls. After we climbed up we realised it costs 8 euros to make the full walk, since we did not have time (guess you would need 2 hours just for the full circle) we decided to drop it for this time and do it when we ll be next time in Kotor, and for sure we will come back. Just get lost around the narrow streets in the old town and feel the magic of the place, honestly I felt much more magic in Kotor than in Dubrovnik, maybe due to lack of crowds;) Go to the old market spot and just look around, as memory we bought a medieval map of Kotor bay. Visit some of the Kotor amazing museums (either Cat museum or Maritime museum). Great tip for Kotor – you can partially walk on city walls for free, maybe not completely legally but no-one complained we went through their magnificent gardens, guess that’s the advantage of travelling in low season. After 2 hours of amazing Kotor it was time to slowly go further.


Our next stop was Budva, we had an amazing brunch at restaurant Vista Vidikovac  with the view of old town and the sea all around you. Extremely romantic spot, slightly expensive for Montenegro itself but compared to Austria extremely cheap. For 5 Euros you get brunch composed of 3 eggs, bread, amazing Njeguski cheese and Njeguski jamon – which I could compare without doubt to Jamon Iberico of best quality. Also deserts are extremely tasty,,,mmmm I still remember taste of them. Our observation it is much cheaper than Dubrovnik with much higher quality of service for the price. They opened restaurant just for us with smiles on their face, on contrary to Dubrovnik where people were annoyed by us asking are they still open, staff were not annoyed we set super far from the restaurant itself, cause we wanted closest spot to the sea and made us enjoy this so we felt again like on honeymoon! We completely fell in love with Montenegro, can not believe we have not come here before:D


Than we headed for a short stop in St Stefan, very sweet fisherman town and then continued our trip to Albania (country nr 6). Before reaching Albania we made a stop at Cijevna river canyon close to Podgorica, truly magical spot, and according to local policeman soon they will open a border to Albania there – awesome for our next trip there:D Entering Albania, by passing just along the coast of Lake Skadar is truly magical, but more about our Albanian experiences in the next posts!:D



Mini Balkan tour – or how did we travel across 7 countries in 7 days

We have always dreamt of making a big Balkan tour, but we seem to postpone it ever since. That is why this year we decided since we live in Austria we should use the opportunity and make a mini Balkan tour. On the picture below you can see our tour:D


Starting from Austria (country Nr1) we passed through Slovenia (country nr 2) which we visit regularly so we decided not to stop this time. In case you have never been to Slovenia do not miss the opportunity to visit lake Bohinj, Bled and Ljubljana, each of which tell you an amazing unique story. Our favorite spot in Slovenia is Bohinj, lake is truly spectacular and there are amazing hiking routes around it.

We continued to Zagreb (capital of Croatia, country Nr 3) to leave the kids with grandpas since we wanted it to be our romantic mini Balkan tour;) Zagreb is in a way like mini Vienna, you should not miss it during Advent.

Our first night of mini Balkan tour we spent in Novigrad close to Zadar. It is the place from which I originate, so as you might guess big plus of it is that we could sleep there for free. That on side, Novigrad is truly a beautiful little fisherman town which you should visit if you ever happen to be close to Zadar. There is a very small fortress on the top of the hill. You don’t need to be very fit to climb the small hill and reach magnificent fortress from the 13th century. During climbing you become aware how huge complex this was long time ago. You can visit a chamber where once queen Elizabeta Kotromanic was kept – more known as mother of famous queen (in Poland known as king) Jadviga. According to the legend her older daughter Marija was saved but the queen Elizabeta was killed and thrown to the river of Zrmanja. Being there you must feel special – from the fortress you can enjoy the view of the amazing sunsets in Novigrad. Also you should be aware that till beginning of 19 th century Novigrad was more like an island there was no road to reach it you could reach it only via boat – it used to be isolated pearl of Dalmatia. You can also see on the first level the well which was found out recently.
Climbing the stairs you can notice holes in which once cannon balls were – which are at the moment kept in the museum of Novigrad. Definitely a must visit – either just for romantic sunset, amazing history or view.

In the next post comes our adventure number 2 and crossing other two countries:)