Books which will encourage your kids to follow their dreams despite all the obstacles

Do you still remember your childhood dreams?

I do remember most of them, and to be honest I did everything to live my dreams. Some were very easy to achieve; like getting married at the coast under sky full of starts, having kids, but some seemed impossible. During my highschool period, when I realised I wanted to become a chemist, I was dreaming of obtaining a Nobel prize one day. Well, I did not get one personally, but my PhD supervisor did, so in a way feels like that dream came true as well.

On my last year of PhD I got pregnant. It was an unplanned pregnancy, and lot of my colleagues were convinced I will not manage to finish. Kind of rational thinking, considering that at that very moment  I had published only one article and had 4 more projects running. But do you know what, I did not quit my PhD. I just relaxed much more thanks to pregnancy and started seeing everything more clearly. I had to write everything on computer, and I realised that in order to finish those 4 projects there is not much that is missing actually. I just lacked proper organisation – skill I mastered thanks to my pregnancy. I finished all my projects and graduated just after my supervisor got Nobel prize in 2016.

But there is one big childhood dream that I am still working on, but I do not want to spoil it by talking about it.

SO enough about me.

Here is the list of the most aspiring books that my kids love and I truly enjoy to read them:

I am Amelia Earhart – my kids adore this book. It tells the story of a very brave woman who was the first woman to take the flight across the Atlantic. Both of my kids are fascinated by planes, but I especially love that this book depicts woman who is a pilot, because so far on all our flights we saw only male pilots. I love that after reading this book Natalia said she would love to become a pilot – at least with that job she would never be jobless;) Additionally it shows even when all people tease you and do not think you can succeed, you can demonstrate them the opposite. My favourite citate from the book: ‘Never interrupt someone doing what you said could not be done.‘ That was actually original citate from Amelia Earhart.

Mae among the stars – Just like the book about Amelia it demonstrate that if you really want something you will do your best, work hard and follow your dreams and that they can become true. A story about a very intelligent and multitalented woman Mae Jemison – first Afro-American female astronaut.

Margaret and the moon – book about Margaret Hamilton and how she saved the first lunar landing. This books depicts little girls fascination with the sky at night and her love for mathematics and how her passion for mathematics helped her to create amazing code which enabled first lunar landing. A must have!!! Especially if you want kids who will love mathematics because math is cool!

Going places – I  am a big fan of Peter Reynolds, but this one is an absolute favourite. It shows your kids how thinking out off the box is something amazing and with which they can make their dreams come true. An absolute must have!!!

Which books would you add to this list?