Preparing bird food

In case your kids love birds just like ours do – they will enjoy in preparing winter snacks for birds.

What do you need to prepare a bird winter snack?

Some seeds – we used sunflower seeds


Coconut fat (or any other animal or plant-based fat)

Muffin form


Let your kids cover the muffin forms bottom with seeds and raisins. Later instruct them to put coconut fat into a bowl and heat for 2 minutes in microwave. Than with a spoon they should transfer the melted fat into the seeds just enough to cover them, leave outside or in the fridge for few minutes. Use toothpicks or something else to make a whole in the middle to put a rope through it and hang on trees in your garden or in the wood close to you:)

Easy and fun practical activity:D

Enjoy and let me know if you try it:D




Gardening in November

If you are like us situated on the Northern hemisphere, having snow around at the moment, you must ask yourself what am I talking about -gardening in november?!?

There are plenty of plants that can be planted in November!:) And that is indeed a great thing since my kids love gardening and spending time outside in our garden.

Since we planted tulips in October, Natalia requested we plant some purple plants in November. So our purple choice is depicted in the photo below:


Do your kids also enjoy gardening? What is their favorite thing to do in the garden?


PS As you can see we planted them last week, before the snowfall:D

Great budget friendly board games

As many of you know I love to DIY many of our Montessori materials. But since I love so much board games myself and we do not have a TV at home, very often I am like an eagle when visiting stores such as TEDi. Yesterday I managed to purchase three different nice toddler friendly games, each for less than 3 euros:)

Just wanted to share with you if you live close to TEDi or dollar store to check them out, good quality games do not need to be expensive:)

Both Miro (21 month) and Natalia (3.4y) love them! Especially the Biber one:D

Did you find something budget friendly recently?:D

Games that a three year old can enjoy playing together with a younger sibling

Apart from “open-ended” classic toys that you find in nature (e.g. stones and sticks), there are some classics you most probably have at home, such as Duplos, Magnatiles, wooden blocks, Grimm rainbow and Schleich animals. Our kids favorites for common play are nature provided open toys and lately a hit were combination of Schleich animals and Grimm rainbow along with Duplos which have to be always available on shelves. They play together with those a lot on daily basis. Additionally, there are various board and card games that a 3-year-old can play with 18 month old sibling. I have already previously written about benefits of board games, but I have not mentioned any that my kids enjoy and can play together. I must say that Miro surprised me recently when he joined in and played on his own Uno junior with us. I guess younger siblings learn about patience, following rules and taking turns much more and much sooner than their oldest sibling.

Nowadays whenever we go for a picnic we take our Uno junior. It is a simple card game in which each player gets 5 cards, which are in junior version turned face up. There is one initial card and then every following player has to put either the same colour or the same animal (number) as the previous one. In case they do not have any corresponding card they need to withdraw a new card. Additionally there are some other instruction cards which can be introduced when the basic level becomes too easy.


Another big hit lately has been a very simple dice game Hand in hand. Younger ones can join without problem. You throw 2 dice at the same time, one which shows you to place a wooden card with boy or girl and other one tells you should that boy or girl wear a hat or not. And then you just need to  put cards next to each other in such a manner that they hold hands. Cards are beautifully depicted, presenting children from all around the world. It can be played on so many ways ranging from cooperative to competitive, trying to end up in a circle etc. So far when they play together they play the easiest cooperative way.:D

42799398_2158776864445637_4857993519450554368_n (1).jpg

Another very fun game that they play together is Fanni Elefanti. I guess for this game the younger sibling could be as young as 12 months or younger, depending when the necessary pincer grasp is developed. This game is a pure luck, you have to feed the elephant and sometimes elephant splashes you with water. Who gets splashed 3 times according to rules loses but we play as than that person wins:) It is just because my kids did not understand why would the one who has most fun lose:P


There are 2 other classics my kids enjoy playing together – Animal domino and The first orchard. Domino is a classic game so I do not need to explain it. In the first orchard, all the players play against the crane. Who has turn – throws the dice, and depending what is on the dice – you either take a certain colour fruit into the basket or the crane moves one step closer to the orchard. The goal is to collect all the fruits before the crane approaches your garden.


Which games are your kids enjoying the most?