Preparing bird food

In case your kids love birds just like ours do – they will enjoy in preparing winter snacks for birds.

What do you need to prepare a bird winter snack?

Some seeds – we used sunflower seeds


Coconut fat (or any other animal or plant-based fat)

Muffin form


Let your kids cover the muffin forms bottom with seeds and raisins. Later instruct them to put coconut fat into a bowl and heat for 2 minutes in microwave. Than with a spoon they should transfer the melted fat into the seeds just enough to cover them, leave outside or in the fridge for few minutes. Use toothpicks or something else to make a whole in the middle to put a rope through it and hang on trees in your garden or in the wood close to you:)

Easy and fun practical activity:D

Enjoy and let me know if you try it:D



Preparing for Advent time

I love Advent time. Last year I wrote about importance of Christmas and the way I want to celebrate it with my children. Since I love advent time so much I have started with preparations already now:D In the last few days I did a lot of DIY deco with my kids and that is what I want to describe in this post. In next one you can expect some toddler friendly advent themed cookies to be discussed:P

I did a major shopping in TEDi, where I bought 100 pompons, big package of pipe cleaners, 100 sticky eyes, golden decoration tape and Styrofoam wreath.

Kids had most fun with pipe cleaners – we made jingle bells instruments, stars, Natalia made ballerina (sitting in a leaf bowl), angels, reindeer,,,,

Additionally, Miro and Natalia decorated lots of paper angels and made lots of pipe cleaner angels and made exhibition in their sleeping room:D

And what would be one advent without an Advent wreath – I spent in total 3 euros to make ours 🙂


Did you start preparing for the Advent time?

Great budget friendly board games

As many of you know I love to DIY many of our Montessori materials. But since I love so much board games myself and we do not have a TV at home, very often I am like an eagle when visiting stores such as TEDi. Yesterday I managed to purchase three different nice toddler friendly games, each for less than 3 euros:)

Just wanted to share with you if you live close to TEDi or dollar store to check them out, good quality games do not need to be expensive:)

Both Miro (21 month) and Natalia (3.4y) love them! Especially the Biber one:D

Did you find something budget friendly recently?:D

Autumn art with small children

I love Autumn, especially if it is so warm like this year. Everything is full of colours, nice sounds and smells. It is the best period to explore the wood with kids, and let them slide through the dried leaves. In woods they can learn so much, about botany, animals which are working hard to prepare for the winter period, mathematics etc.

Here I will share top  activities my kids enjoyed this autumn:

1) Making leaf “curtains”. After coming back from a  walk with a bag full of dry leaves, some chestnuts and acorns, Natalia wanted to make a curtain similar to the one she saw earlier in the book “Der Herbst ist da“. It is a very easy art project,  children use toothpicks to make small holes in leaves. Than they lace the leaves on a knit. We made 2 different curtains, one which only kids made which was composed of only leaves. And the other one in which we included chestnuts and acorns. Natalia does not feel confident with hot glue yet so I just glued them to the knit. Around some chestnuts using toothpicks and knit I made spider webs (since in October is Halloween seemed appropriate). And then we just used some branches that anyway kids bring from each walk in the woods and attached all the knits to it and Voila here it is:D


2) Painting leaves on a tree using ear picks🙂 We just bundled dozen of ear picks together to have a better effect.


3) Using candle to make the leafprint and then painting on paper with water colours. Natalia especially loved this activity.

4) Making a leaf bowl. First you need to blow a balloon and put it on some plastic cup. Than put lots of glue, we used the cheapest basteln klebe from TEDi and put first one layer of leaves on it. Wait 5 minutes and put another layer. Wait few days before you decide to break balloon, than bowl turns out much nicer. We use our atm as a table decoration in which we placed toothpicks.

5) Make a mask for Halloween out of leaves and piece of paper. U cut approximately 4 x 20 cm piece of thicker paper and cut holes for eyes and let your kids glue leaves wherever they want


6) Do whatever you want with all the leaves. Natalia decided to make me a birthday present using canvas and painting around leaves and then in the end she decided it looks prettier if she glues the leaves as well.



And in Autumn there are so many apples and pumpkins with which so many amazing dishes can be made. Enjoy cooking with your kids.

What have you been doing this autumn?