Mini Balkan road trip – Part 5

After waking up in Theth and having a nice hike in the area we decided to head south. Since the rain started to fall, we made changes to our original plan (which included kayaking around Koman lake) and went in the direction of Tirana. Since we were already tired and very hungry after hike we decided to stop in some restaurant In Shkoder. They did not have most things on the menu and food was very average which we learned was typical for out of the season period. We learned the hard way if you want to eat good food. stop at some restaurant next to the road, and look that there are many local families gathered and eating – than it’s a good spot;)

Shkoder is a sweet town with a spectacular castle! Apparently on Sundays the entrance is free, otherwise entrance is 200 Lek and it is well worth it, in any other european country it would be much more expensive. Its area is huge and you manage to get a wonderful look on Shkoder lake and all the surroundings, showing you the magical cultural blend of Albania. Inside Shkoder castle there is a small shop where we bought a map and a small guide-book which had great suggestions of what to visit in Albania and had a lot of stories from its history.

Even driving inside Shkoder and going by the side roads you ll have a feeling you have entered one of Kosturica movies. A great thing about being there end of october, being November was that everything was full of delicious grenades, you could just pick them up everywhere and refresh yourself.

After visiting Shkoder we headed as we thought to Tirana, we stopped on the road in some restaurant (PLLUMI 87) full of people and enjoyed delicious meal there. It was slowly getting dark and the road to Tirana seemed to be completely block and due to that we changed our initial plan and this time decided to skip Tirana and we headed to Durres. In case you have more time than we did you should definitely stop by at Kruje, historically important city of Albania. It was my husbands birthday that day so we decided that night to sleep in some fancy hotel, thing we usually do not do. So we went randomly do Hotel Iliria Internacional, for our standards very fancy hotel located just at the beach. We paid the hotel 45 euros, breakfast was included. There were lots of bars and clubs around. Also there was amasing Konditorei, where I wanted to try everything, luckyly they were closing at 22 h, otherwise I would spend all the budget on amazing cakes and icecream there;) The best part when we woke up the next morning we could swim in sea!!! It was end of october and sea had 22 C, for locals too cold for us perfect;)

Where did we go after our amazing breakfast at the beach and more about Albanians gems in the next post:D