Miro’s Montessori journey 12-15 months and importance of movement

One word could describe the last three months in the best way – MOVEMENT. Since Miro started walking with 11 months, he has been working a lot on exploring world around him, climbing and running wherever he could.

Maria Montessori has devoted even a separate chapters in her books dedicated to Movement (it can be found both in The Absorbent Mind and The Secret of Childhood). Already in the beginning of the 20th century she stated:

If mental development is spoken of, people say: “Movement? There is no need for movement; we are talking about mental growth!”. When they think of mental improvement they imagine all are sitting down, moving nothing. But mental development must be connected with movement and is dependent on it. This is the new idea that must enter educational theory and practice.

Even though she stated this in the beginning of 20th century things have not improved much more one century later in most schools and kindergartens. We can hope and spread Maria’s voice for the better world of education:)

Miro enjoys long walks, few weeks ago when we went for gymnastic class he has walked 3 km without a problem (till then he was mostly walking only up to 1 km to reach the park). It took us almost 2 hours to reach it, but he was so proud and he discovered so many things on the way – various insects, stones, leaves and much more. We can all learn so much from the nature. Sometimes his big sisters points him to some insect or flower and then they examine it together. For me those moments are so precious and bringing me lots of joy. I have learned about so many insects that I had no clue about and thanks to Miro I saw that an oak tree seed can start its development even in a sandbox:)


Apart from balls, Duplos and wooden blocks for building he has been interested in certain educational toys we have at home. Below on the photo are the ones he has shown most interest in, over the last 3 months.


All this materials appeared on his shelf on a tray once he turned 1 year old. In the first month he had most fun with the pop-up toy. It was mostly about fine motor skills and placing them inside the hole and then pressing with a finger to pop-up. Just very recently he started also sorting them according to colour, but not all and not always:)

What I like most with young toddlers they do not need any kind of “lessons” they learn everything by exploring on their own. That is why I love Montessori friendly toys so much, cause they are self-correcting🙂 Sometimes big sister steps in and wants to show her brother how it is supposed to be done and why, but I see no harm in it. She is his teacher on daily basis anyway, modelling him how to dress up, where to put shoes, where should the things be, etc.

For example sorting the circles by size toy – in the beginning Miro used this toy as an instrument, clapping the circles one into other, and he was more interested in the noise they produce and how do they clash with the floor. When he was closer to 14 months he started using this toy as a puzzle and being interested in where does certain circle fits into.

Another one that before he mostly liked to take out to use as building blocks, but now likes to assemble (guess its sister’s influence) is the shape sorter.


Enjoy the beautiful spring and let me know what are your little ones up to:)


Author: mateahinko

Passionate scientist, nature lover and explorer:) Proud mom of two explorers who are my biggest motivation for everything

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