Puzzle journey – from 14 to 30 months

Puzzles present a very valuable and fun educational tool for toddlers. Their benefits are numerous, ranging from development of problem solving skills, cognitive skills, fine motor development to increase of self-esteem in your child. You can purchase many on flea markets and you can even make your own puzzles (giving them a special value).


Natalia started showing interest in 2-piece puzzles when she was 14 months old. She enjoyed them a lot. Apart from developing necessary fine motor skills and problem solving, she was also learning a lot of new vocabulary. Her first puzzle set was about “What fits together”. Only when proper pair of puzzles would be coupled it would fit. The joy and pride in your child’s eyes when they manage to assemble their first puzzle is just something priceless.

Since she really loves cars and for that matter all transport vehicles, she also enjoyed a lot “Things that go” puzzles. That one she still likes to take from shelf and assemble them or do sorting activities with them (according to land/water/air transport, number of wheels etc.). Her biggest passion are animals, and following that, she has 3-6 pieces puzzles about animals. At the moment (soon will be 30 months) she  finds challenging the 6 piece puzzles about farm animals and the 3-D dog puzzle.

Follow your child’s interests and pace and enjoy!:)


Author: mateahinko

Passionate scientist, nature lover and explorer:) Proud mom of two explorers who are my biggest motivation for everything

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