What can you expect from this blog?

The best description of our family would be – always on the move. There has been barely a weekend in this year that we have stayed at home. We love and need travelling – just like air to breathe. So the major topic that will be covered will include  travelling : how to travel with two small kids only with the hand luggage, about transport and eating on budget, enjoyable long flights etc.

Title of the blog’s domain mentions Montessori – I will explain how we incorporate Montessori philosophy in our every day life, how we use long journeys in car to teach our kids practical skills (putting on socks, shoes, etc.), how our kids are aware of geography and to which extent. As well when finished I will also put how i made some DIY Montessori materials. Every day of parenting brings new challenges so many will be discussed – like how does toilet learning process look like when you travel so much? How do our kids deal with being surrounded with 4 languages on daily base?




Author: mateahinko

Passionate scientist, nature lover and explorer:) Proud mom of two explorers who are my biggest motivation for everything

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